Laidout Signature Folder

Ported from Laidout! This lets you fold paper on screen to figure out page mapping for pamphlets, zines, and books. This is a first web version and needs testing! If you find bugs, crashes, or, heaven forbid, incorrect templates, please let me know: tom at

If you think this is amazingly useful, please consider donating. That would be amazingly useful!

I have a video tutorial of the non-web desktop version here. It's slightly different, but most of the dragging controls are the same.

Keyboard shortcuts:

space Center view
control-i Toggle which inset to change
i Increment inset
shift-I Decrement inset
g Increment gap
shift-G Decrement gap
x Increase number of tiles horizontally
shift-X Decrease number of tiles horizontally
y Increase number of tiles vertically
shift-Y Decrease number of tiles vertically
v Increase number of vertical folds
shift-V Decrease number of vertical folds
h Increase number of horizontal folds
shift-H Decrease number of horizontal folds
b Next binding edge
shift-B Previous binding edge
u Change page orientation
control-t Toggle which trim to change
t Increase trim value
shift-T Decrease trim value
control-m Toggle which margin to change
m Increase margin value
shift-M Decrease margin value
shift-Z Make controls smaller
z Make controls larger
= or + Zoom in
- Zoom out


You can zoom by holding control and dragging with the mouse, either the right button anywhere, or with the left button pressing down on empty space. Pan the screen around with shift and the buttons.

To do...

This software was designed for desktops and mouseovers. Trying to run on tiny devices sometimes produces strange bugs. If you have trouble, try different browsers. They handle everything slightly differently.

Other things that need doing: