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(version 0.02)

Spread editor
This shot shows the splitable main window in action. It contains a 40-some page booklet on legal sized paper that gets folded down the middle. The pane on the bottom is the spread editor, where you can swap pages, one with another, or move a page to another spot so that the pages in between the old and new spots get shifted over. Also, you can drag a page up to a view window to set the view to that page. You will notice in this screen shot that a 'page' is half of a legal sized paper, and you can rearrange the half-legal pages in the spread editor. You can also change how the page numbers are circled in the spread editor, as a shorthand for how done you are with those pages. When it prints, it will print out master pages on full legal sized paper: 1 sheet with the last on the left and the first on the right, on the back of which goes a paper with the second on the left and the next to last page on the right, and so on. Make double sided copies, fold and staple, and off you go!