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(version 0.03.1)

This is an example of a Net Imposition. This particular net is a 30 sided Rhombic Triacontahedron layout, with a picture on each page. Each "page" is a kind of squashed square (rhombus). Also notice that each page clips the picture contained in the page. If you look in the pagestyle element of each page in a saved document, you can include or delete 'pageclips' to toggle whether or not a page will clip its contents. This also allows easy creation of centerfolds, for instance. In that case, you might want your picture to span 2 pages, so you would not want 'pageclips' set on those pages. Manipulating net impositions is very primitive in Laidout at the moment, but I have big plans in that direction, such as being able to unfold something like this triacontahedron any way that it can be unfolded.

Cut this thing out, and you can fold it into a spherical-ish polyhedron. As you can see, I mounted a camera inside one of these things so that I can photograph spherical panoramas, such as this scenic staircase at the edge of the Portland, Oregon Rose Gardens. The colors would match more but for my impatience with the partly cloudy sky that day.